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Rational Energy Network - Energy Consulting for energy efficiency, sustainability, clean energy technology, and strategic investments

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Rational Energy Network is a consulting firm helping clients make rational decisions in the every-changing energy industry. We see the Energy Industry's transformation as an opportunity to help clients become more sustainable, more reliable, more secure, and especially…more profitable. We attack our client's issues from an integrated, multi-disciplinary perspective considering theory, technology, and economics all within volatile energy markets.
Rational Energy has a deep Network of relationships with experts, vendors, and service provides within the energy industry. We leverage this Network to assemble a world-class, collaborative team to sift through hype and headlines and provide rational, data-driven analysis helping clients make decisions to reduce their costs, manage their risks, increase their revenue, or capture a strategic opportunity.
Our expertise and services span areas of energy-efficiency, risk-management, economic/financial analysis, clean energy technologies, sustainability, commercial strategy, and mergers & acquisitions.
Our philosophy supports market-based solutions where technology, efficiency, and sustainability often combine to provide the most elegant and economically sound solutions. Our integrated and holistic approach often finds value missed by traditional one-dimensional, business-as-usual perspectives.
Our clients range from small private, entrepreneurial firms to some of the world's leading energy firms and international governments.
Rational Energy Network was founded in July 2003 by Steven Meyers.
Steven Meyers has a distinguished career at the forefront of technology, efficiency, and finance in the energy industry. Prior founding Rational Energy, Steven was an officer at two publicly-traded energy companies, managed a $250-million portfolio of energy-efficiency investments, worked with Energy Service Companies in the U.S. and Asia, and conducted quantitative energy research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Steven participates in boards and public committees and speaks and publishes nationally on energy issues. Steven received his MS in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a BS in Physics from Haverford College.
Biography: Steven Meyers
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