Rational Energy Network works with clients ranging from small private, entrepreneurial firms to some of the world's leading energy firms, energy users, or international governments. Although each engagement is tailored to the needs of the specific client, every project builds on a common base of expertise in the energy industry. We provide rational, data-driven analysis to help clients make decisions to reduce their costs, manage their risks, increase their revenue, or capture a strategic opportunity. Although most of our engagements are sensitive in nature, below is a list of a few sample clients since July 2003.
Entrepreneurial Firms
  • Broadband Horizons
  • EnerPath
  • GoodCompany Associates
  • i-Conserve
  • JumpStart Partners
  • Site-Controls
  • Turbine Air Systems
  • ZBB Energy (ASX: ZBB)
Public Entities
  • New Zealand Electricity Commission
Large Multinational Firms
  • CenterPoint (NYSE: CNP)
  • Centrica (LSE: CNA.L)
  • Dalkia (NYSE: VE)
  • Honeywell (NYSE: HON)
  • Hunt Power (Private)
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (NYSE: PCG)
  • Wood Group Services (LSE: WG.L)
  • American Electric Power Compmany (NYSE: AEP)
  • Suez (NYSE: SZE)