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Rational Energy Network - Energy Consulting for energy efficiency, sustainability, clean energy technology, and strategic investments

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Although most of our work is confidential and delivered directly for our clients, we believe in that sharing ideas is the foundation of innovation. We therefore periodically create research, analysis, and articles that are available to the general public and included here below.
  • "More and Faster: Increasing the Achievable Energy Efficiency Potential through Best-Practice Processes and Data Management Tools" by Steven Meyers (Rational Energy Network) and Stephen Guthrie (EnerPath). Draft paper to be published by ACEEE and presented at ACEEE's Summer Study in August 2006.
    More and Faster: ...
     (meyers_aceee.pdf, 109k)
  • "Energy Technology Investment Trends: A Research Study Of Venture Capital Investment Trends In New Energy Technologies" by Bob Martin (JumpStart Partners), Steven Meyers (Rational Energy Network), and Bob Schwartz (Houston Technology Center)
    Energy Technology Investment Trends: ...
     (energy_trends.pdf, 76k)
  • "Actuarial Pricing of Energy Efficiency Projects: Lessons Foul and Fair", Paul Mathew (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Steve Kromer (Teton Energy Partners), Osman Sezgen (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Steven Meyers (Rational Energy Network), Published in Energy Policy.
    Actuarial Pricing of Energy Efficiency Projects: ...
     (actuarial_dsm_pricing.pdf, 346k)